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Rules & Policies - Major Update (August 11, 2017)

We have updated our Rules and Policies for the EC || Bot & Dev || General Discord Server/Community.

The last update was in early February of this year, so quite a while back, and as we transitioned to the server we are today we hadn't properly updated the rules (at least on a formal level). There are some major policy updates and changes, and any member of our server must agree to these rules (a post in #announcements has been made) in order to remain in our guild/community and take advantage of our services/bots/beta-test roles, etc. New members must also agree to these to stay a member of our guild.

The vast majority of the content is there to elaborate important Discord Terms, Privacy Policy, and Developer Policies, as well as how we deal with user-data (as we host many bots and services and offer beta-tester positions with lots of cool perks) - and we mention our methods to fully remain within the proper Discord-mandated guidelines / developer policies as a guild.

We also talk a lot about how Discord and our server take precautions to protect your privacy -- but we also mention the limitations of our control! As it is up-to-date as of this moment, we strongly urge all current members, future members, and frankly anyone in the general Discord sphere that wants to be up to speed with the latest to take a few moments to read the content in full (but we expect our members to agree in order to continue to use our services).

Understand that these are clarifications mainly for the safety of the all users of Discord and the stability of the platform as a whole. Much of the information will hopefully help many users learn a bit more about Discord's policies and technicalities. Thanks guys! :)

RULES LINK: https://execsrvr.xyz/rules

.vlexar#5320 contact if there are any questions, please!