A little about Exclusive Chemistry:

  • We provide a fun and non-judgemental environment for users of all walks of life.

  • We take pride in managing our server, ensuring everyone has a good time.

  • Active (about twice a month!) giveaways which include Amazon Gift Cards (or equivalent), cash-based prizes, and we value active participation.

  • A strongly maintained/updated (and many hand-customized) set of bots with customized commands including gambling server currency, active trivia, speed-typing contests and several other community activities. We also integrate with other servers to allow chances to speak with others through Discord chat or voice.

  • Functionality/Utility: All our bots offer the latest in functionality, with full Google capabilities, weather forecasts, Wolfram Alpha integration, active reminders, and much more. We maintain our bots and host the majority of them ourselves, and several are made from scratch.

  • Fully customized selection of 24/7 HQ Musicbots (currently three for users), which are heavily customized and setup to provide some of the best Discord-based music experience. We are very passionate about music and make sure to utilize proper techniques to ensure a seamless experience. All platforms (YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.) are supported. Multiple MusicBots allow for a no-worry situation, and we're always expanding as needed.

  • 24/7 fully-featured EC radio streaming station - with the ability to live stream your Spotify, iTunes, or other music including live DJ-console outputs. We have continuous music on-rotation and any member can ask for access and info to live stream as they please! No commitments - stream as little or as much as you wish, and when you finish the music will automatically go back to on-rotation. We are also ALWAYS looking for music collections to add to the rotation, of any genre. This dedicated radio channel is maintained by our staff :-)

  • A great community (we don't judge here) not just for entertainment, but also for support. We have moderators that are available to help or give advice (ranging just about any span - from legal to personal relationships) - occasional support is handled and we have private, one-on-one temporary chat/voice rooms if need be.