Rules, Policies and Terms of the EC || Bot & Dev || General Discord Server and Community

Let us preface this by stating that while these are indeed the rules, we hope that most (or many) of these rules are common sense. Our goal is to have a safe, toxic-free environment for all users.

The information here is up to date as of April 03, 2018.

And with that, we will try to keep these as upfront and simple.


  • We are on Discord's servers, which are governed by their own rules. Of course, in reality, very few people read the long Terms of Service and Privacy Policy when signing up for Discord, but no worries: we did for you (thank us later, but really - go read them!) For obvious reasons, everything here is prefaced on those basic conditions. We also abide by the Discord Community Guidelines which mandate many of the common-sense policies you expect in most platforms of the type. If you are involved in development or any user-authentication (OAuth2, RPC, etc.), the Discord Developer Terms of Service is also highly relevant. (We will discuss our compliance with this below)

Anything we say here is in addition by the above policies. They are always expected to be followed.

  • You are responsible for anything you say on the EC || Bot & Dev || General server (voice and text) - no other member (staff or otherwise) is ever responsible for what another user says. This also goes for any advice given: while all advice, conversation, etc. is spoken in good faith, we are not responsible for the actions of other users. Please remember that while messages CAN be deleted on any un (end-to-end) encrypted text medium such as Discord (or even IRC), and the owners of such companies/networks claim that the deletion is permanent, without provable end-to-end encryption you should assume that anything you say is public and can be used against you. Again, we hope this is common sense.

  • We offer several beta-testing roles and other opportunities that can include access to hosted bots, early-access to features, and other related perks. EC || Bot and Dev || General takes extreme caution to ensure these products operate at 100%, but we do not take or imply any warranty or guarantees. Usage and/or participation in any of our roles that result in potential access to such tools is for the benefit of the user. With that being said, we do stay compliant with the Discord Developer Terms that are in effect as of August 20, 2017 and are very important to user data. More on this below. This responsibility involves both the user of the bot/service and the developer or hosting agent of the bot/service, and we absolutely go above and beyond with any privacy-related information.

  • Relating to the point of "you are responsible for your words": we are very lax and proponents of freedom of speech, but do not do something stupid or straight-out illegal. That is, child pornography (as an example) will never be a debatable topic on this server. We really hope that one is common sense. We do not have any formal NSFW channels except a ranting channel which is marked NSFW as it may contain vulgar language. We are not a NSFW server and while we aren't against legal-NSFW content, this is not the place for it. Sorry!

  • Age Clause We understand everyone ages differently, and some people are more mature, tolerant, etc. than others. This is also a honor-system based policy for the most part. We ask that all members of our server be at or above the age of 16 UNLESS prior consent is given by a staff member. We do this not because of the content on our server - rather we want to maintain a base level of understanding between all members. That being said, we are flexible with this rule and it is more of a judgement call to yourself. We will never ask you for validation of your age, but if we feel something is 'not right' we may pull you aside for a chat.


  • We employ anti-spam automation including an auto-moderation bot to push these rules and other information to each user as they join our server. In fact, if you are reading this right now, you are likely properly following the directions sent to you! Good job. Our verification process is based on your understanding of these rules and terms, which are mostly in place to protect you (the end user). While we do not require a manual verification as we did before, we do take note of every new user. Your continued usage of the EC || Bot and Dev || General server is contingent on your acceptance of these rules, which are presented to all users and easily accessible through our announcements channel. If you happen to disagree with any of these rules and cannot clarify with a staff member, we will ask that you refrain from becoming a continued member of our server and leave the guild. Failure to do so will result in removal by staff, which is a safety and potentially legal measure.

  • ==LOGGING POLICY & DATA STORAGE == As mentioned earlier, Discord keeps a history of messages by default. This is the way the Discord service works, partially to allow easy access between all your devices (phone, computer, etc.) We do not have any control over this as this is a Discord design primitive. Discord states deleting your message in a channel or the deletion of a message in a channel is permanent on their end, but this is what is told to users so we cannot prove it without proper end-to-end encryption on their end. To this note, our logging policy on EC || Bot & Dev || General is as follows: we keep logs using bots that we control on servers we own. These logs are never of full chat history. We can not and do not monitor PM's. The logs contain verbose information for moderation only: changes in offline/online status, deleted messages, edited messages, changes to nicknames and user avatars. The logs also keep track of user warnings, bans, kicks, and joining/leaving the server or voice channels. Lastly, our logs keep track of admin changes: role changes to users, admin actions, etc. These are all verbose logs kept for the purpose of moderation. We never sell, modify, use, distribute, or tamper with the data in any way other than for internal usage for moderation or administration purposes. Any bot that we host that may host or give access to members or beta-testers are kept to the required minimum. We delete any member cache, and all avatar and user ID information is generally on the local (client) side. However, it is possible that your IP address can be exposed if you access frontend features of bots - this is something we cannot prevent: if you visit a website, they will have your IP address. We do not keep any logs of these IP addresses on the limited front-end solutions we offer our members, and we do not retain or cache any user information for more than the required minimum needed to provide the service. We may cache an image to serve it to you (such as your avatar), but this will be on the local client end and we will not retain information. Any cookies we use are strictly for identifying your account on Discord, and have no tracking value. They are required only on front-end bots so your user can control or take actions outside of Discord -> our server. We do not track or retain such information for any purpose other than to serve direct Discord <-> User identification, keeping in terms with the Discord Developer TOS.

Remember, we CAN NOT and DO NOT keep logs of entire channels. We do keep standard administrative logs (bans, kicks, changes in usernames, avatar changes, nicknames, channel changes, etc.) These are all Discord scopes that are official and we don't circumvent and attempt to gain extraneous data about anything or anyone. We do this to limit staff power for abuse reasons: in the rare case of a staff member deciding to overstate their responsibility, we have a log of that action. Only the server owner can delete the logs from the log channel: no staff member can manage the logs except visually view them. EC || Bot & Dev || General does not have any interest in using personal user data (and we have never had such interest) - we will not do so in any manner besides administration internally or upon a rare and properly verified legal subpoena. The only other thing we cannot control are rare potential actions from Discord employees (who have authority over all servers).

  • To the above, we do have a completely private room setup and capability to make further private, hidden temporary rooms that never are logged for any reason internally by bots (again, we can't control Discord pre-built audit logs). These are used for emergencies, or if a sensitive issue arises. These rooms are heavily modified such that the bots in the room cannot access the data for logging purposes or reading purposes and furthermore the bots are disabled so they do not have functionality. Any functionality remaining, such as deleting messages in the rooms, is not logged to any channel and the temporary channel (voice or text) is deleted when everyone leaves the room or the room owner deletes it, which does not leave any content of the channel left. If you feel this room is needed for a purpose, please contact a staff member.

  • ==USERAGENT PROTECTION / IP / ENCRYPTION == Discord makes an effort to protect your IP address and useragent/referrer from discovery by any other Discord member (including server admins). There is no "WHOIS" traditional service for any standard Discord user or server admin, owner, etc. to utilize to look up a user's IP, hostname, or other directly identifying information. TLS is used for everything on Discord by default [login, bidirectional text channels and voice channel communication - but voice channel communications can be client <-> server (not fully end-to-end encrypted) - see the end of this section/next paragraph for more]. EC || Bot & Dev || General operates a radio channel in addition to several bots, musicbots, etc. Anything posted and generally anything clicked via. Discord (inside the app) is protected with regards to your IP address/hostname/referrer: Discord will always mask your useragent, referrer and IP address with a "DiscordBot" client of the server your account is utilizing and we (EC staff) will not be able to access your IP address from standard links you visit/click through EC || Bot & Dev || General's Discord. In certain cases if a user is masking a link in a matter that is seemingly malicious (i.e. if the link is nested within other links) and Discord doesn't give a warning (as Discord generally does), please report this matter to a staff member right away and we will address the issue promptly. In any case, IP protection is built into Discord from the view of visiting external links and no one on the EC Discord team is attempting to bypass this. If you utilize the direct link to our radio stream, your IP address is visible by default in our panel, but we do not store, distribute, sell, or otherwise touch this data. It is not used for any purpose. We have no interest to collect or know your IP address or location. The same goes for invite links that are used to join the server: we do not monitor IP information or useragent/referrer, even if one is shown by a third-party service such as custom invite link services. EXIF data (which can contain GPS information on photos taken with many devices like smartphones) from images are automatically removed by Discord when using their regular upload file/image service with any standard client, app, website, etc. We do not make any attempt to gather this information.

Taken from the prior mention to reiterate:

However, it is possible that your IP address can be exposed if you access frontend features of bots - this is something we cannot prevent: if you visit a website, they will have your IP address. We do not keep any logs of these IP addresses on the limited front-end solutions we offer our members, and we do not retain or cache any user information for more than the required minimum needed to provide the service. We may cache an image to serve it to you (such as your avatar), but this will be on the local client end and we will not retain information. Any cookies we use are strictly for identifying your account on Discord, and have no tracking value. They are required only on front-end bots so your user can control or take actions outside of Discord -> our server. We do not track or retain such information for any purpose other than to serve direct Discord <-> User identification, keeping in terms with the Discord Developer TOS.

  • [CONT'D] Voice channels by Discord have the capability to all be encrypted with ciphers from the 100% open/patent-free libsodium/NaCl library by default on the downloadable application as well as web client. While using the downloaded application or web client, voice channels are encrypted using xsalsa20_poly1305 || xsalsa20_poly1305_suffix || xsalsa20_poly1305_lite, the first of which is an open, patent-free set of a stream cipher (xsalsa20 - a stronger version of the Salsa20 stream cipher) combined with a strong cryptographic MAC for authentication used in client <=> server encryption, and works well with the open Opus codec used heavily in VOIP services. xsalsa20, Salsa20, and poly1305 among others are heavily audited and held at the highest standard within cryptanalysis circles. xsalsa20_poly1305_lite and xsalsa20_poly1305_suffix are new additions coming in Discord's v4 voice protocol, which has not been fully released (it should be deployed in reality, but not fully documented yet) as of April 3, 2018. They are simple changes to the xsalsa_poly1305 cipher. For more dev info, see this code in disco, a Discord Python API library authored by one of the engineers at Discord. We do not record any voice chat conversations without permission (if we have a podcast bot in the channel, you will be well aware of the presence), but (keep in mind) any user can potentially do so if he/she wished (by simply recording with a microphone) -- however we do not utilize any bots or server tools to record voice conversations without explicit permission from the user. To that note, with the downloaded client, the vetted and secure, patent-free encryption with libsodium/NaCl library helps to bolster confidence that your communications are properly secure. We have done analysis and have been able to verify that these are indeed the correct packets for the encrypted format in the voice channel configuration described. This does not void the earlier point; that is EC || Bot & Dev || General, its volunteer staff and users are not responsible for anything said by any other user/staff member for any reason: you are responsible for what you say. However, for transparency, we are disclosing that voice channels are encrypted with the libsodium/NaCl, patent-free library using a strong stream cipher and authentication. when using the downloadable client with Discord. To verify the proper xsalsa20_poly1305 encryption requires a network-level access of packets with a developer tool. You can check the given status by Discord while connected to a voice channel by clicking the (i) icon next to the "Voice Connected" notice on the bottom left of Discord's client, clicking Debug, and viewing the information page under "flags" rendered. It will state an encryption mode/status if applicable. If you see the xsalsa20_poly1305 correctly flagged, your voice chat is encrypted using a stronger, non TLS-based client <-> server encryption standard. Voice packets cannot be reliably proven to originate from a source without having a secret key, which is generated on your local client side, but this is not a full end-to-end solution. We do not take responsibility for this benefit or any actions resulting from it in any way (again, you - the user alone - is responsible for anything said in the EC|| Bot & Dev || General server), but we are alerting users to that functionality of Discord with the downloaded client.

  • Staff members have the right to remove a user for any reason they see fit We carefully select our staff members and trust their judgement. Of course, in the rare instance a staff member is abusing their power, well...we will deal with that when the day comes, as we have measures in place and - again - our staff are well experienced and professional with actions against users. We keep a log of actions taken against users, who took that action, etc., and review it later. To put this in perspective: we barely ban anyone -- the only users who have been banned are those who were either spammers or breaking a serious rule such as underage pornography. We are very tolerant and do not censor much at all, but a staff member has that discretion if he/she feels that it is necessary to do so. We have relatively few banned members for a server listed on the frontpage of Discord invite sites we promote on like, and all are for spam purposes (heavy spam, NSFW, server raid attempt). This info is provided for transparency; we simply don't like to ban users, and we shouldn't have to if everyone follows these straightforward rules.

Arguably the most 'important' or certainly largest (in scope) rule:

  • USE COMMON SENSE! We could add HUNDREDS of rules and jargon here, but who wants more of that? We trust our users and expect the same in return. Simply put: if you act stupid, expect some retaliation. Don't spam. If you are saying something that may be uncomfortable for others, either do it privately or talk to a staff member and we will create a temporary voice and/or chat room for you. Don't come with the intention of attacking someone through the public means of the EC || Bot & Dev || General Community & Discord server (if you feel like breaking the Community Guidelines and have the urge to severely harass/ attack someone, we will report it -- what users do on their own time outside of our jurisdiction is just that - and don't involve us!)

  • We can only give our input and advice to what you do in private conversation, but if it seeks into our community and a consensus is made that the action is detrimental to the peace (for lack of a better term), we will take swift action.

With that, we are done with the rules and policies. They are subject to change at any time (if they are, you'll be notified, generally in #announcements). Again, your acceptance of the server verification and usage relies on these terms, among Discord's TOS/Privacy Policy/Developer Docs/Community Guidelines and we are simply trying to create a safe, non-toxic environment for all. Hopefully these statements were clear and helpful - we want to elaborate on what we do to protect user information as well as what we expect of our users. It is critical staff and users are on the same page. Again, if common sense and a half-sense of decency prevails, then there should be no problems whatsoever with any of these rules.

Thank you! We look forward to seeing you on the server!

If you have any questions, please use the contact page to contact the guild owner ASAP!

(Unless you need encrypted communication with PGP through our contact page, it's probably faster to reach me on Discord below, as I sometimes forget to check the fnContact form page!)

Guild Owner: .vlexar#0001 ID: 243902693666455553